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Alform Extrusions Limited

Manufacturers of Extruded Aluminium Products

Alform, formed in 1977, supplies extruded aluminium products primarily to the electrical, cable and tube industries. Alform's rotary continuous extrusion machines are particularly designed for the manufacture of coiled products, which can be supplied on either drums, reels or tied coils. Among the types of aluminium extruded are the 1000, 3000 and 6000 series alloys.

Alform is a small company which prides itself on flexibility, reliability and quality of its products and service. We also undertake development projects with many companies to manufacture Continuously Extruded products which can be applied to automated production lines. Products manufactured by this extrusion process have the benefit of consistent mechanical and electrical properties along their entire length, unlike 'billet to billet' extruded products.